We’re here for families.

Learning to live inside God’s life…. well then, that’s an adventure. Metaphorically speaking the Christian life will take you surfing, spelunking, mountain climbing, cliff diving, marathons, short sprints, not to mention a trek or two through the desert and boldly going where you’ve never gone before. Our family ministry seeks to help families learn how to do just that, live into the larger life that Jesus showed us. The life of a Christian is more than showing up in hat and gloves, trousers pressed and just sitting in pew. Mystic Annie Dillard thought we should issue hard hats and climbing gear at Baptism. Faith is active, action serves learning. Whether it’s learning to sit in silence, finding your spot in God’s story, receiving Eucharist, leading worship, giving up a want to serve other’s needs, or following a Voice that asks you to risk something big with uncertain outcomes… well then, welcome to a life of faith.

Our Sunday School has classes for tots to teens and runs from September through June along the School calendar. We have a great team of lively, dedicated teachers. We use different curriculum that incorporate children and families into the learning of the whole church. Most recently we used The Story curriculum and read through the Bible, everyone from toddlers to grandparents, together.

An essential aspect of learning is practice. Part of learning to be a Christian in the Episcopal tradition is service to the church and community. Participating in music, serving as acolytes, ushering, reading the prayers or scripture in the service, are all part of learning and growing at St. Mary’s.  Service to the community is also essential to being a Christian not only with or lips but in our lives. We encourage all families to take on a ministry together and St. Mary’s Mission Club will help introduce you to ministry possibilities. Weaving what happens in Sunday School into what happens in life: home, school and friends, is our goal. Christian practice isn’t so much head knowledge as it is learning a way to live, Church is about living life together with God. We invite you to join God’s family here at St. Mary’s and we’ll grow together from here.



Don’t delay, seek God today! Online at the market, on the train, with your morning coffee.

One of the best sites for spiritual formation and inspiration at home comes from the Episcopal Virginia Theological Seminary at home is right here:

Our National Episcopal Church Center has a great web of resources available for families to inspire and support you in the great work of the spirit called parenting. Here is their website:

There are many great apps that can be downloaded for free to help you and your family grow in your experiences of God: Creating, liberating and making you whole and holy. Holiness is a new center of gravity, giving you ballast in life’s storms. Holiness gives you sails to take you to amazing places within and without. So hey, get busy! Get Holy! We have an app for that!



To explore the ever expanding world of new apps for spiritual formation visit and click on the tech button.