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Sunday School Classes are from 9:45 to 10:30 for children. For the younger children we use the Spark curriculum from 2 years to 4th grade. It is a bible based curriculum that uses a variety of media for kids to explore their relationship with God.

Central to education for children at St. Mary’s is our Sunday School as well as the word with Mo. Claire once they enter the 10am service. Children are involved in a variety of ways from joining in the procession to participating in the family band, Gospel play or serving on the Altar as an acolyte.
Every other year we offer the Communion Celebration Class. Although children participate in the Eucharist as soon as they are baptized, this class assists children in deepening their knowledge and wonder in the mystery of the Eucharist. Accompanied by a parent, this six week class begins on Palm Saturday and concludes with the Communion Celebration Sunday.
The Communion Celebration class is a requirement for all children wishing to be an acolyte. Acolyte training is offered once each Fall. Once a child has been trained they are put on the server schedule.